Suxamethonium chlorid VUAB 100 mg


Suxamethonium chlorid VUAB is used as muscle relaxant with general anesthesia. It is used in anesthesia as a muscle relaxant to facilitate endotracheal intubations, particularly rapid intubations, mechanical ventilation and a wide range of surgical and obstetric procedures. It is also used in severe laryngospasm and to reduce the intensity of muscular contractions associated with pharmacologically or electrically-induced convulsions.


Active substance: Suxamethonium chloride dihydrate 110 mg (corresponds to 100 mg of Suxamethonium chloride) in one injection vial.

Pharmaceutical form

Powder for injection/infusion solution. Suxamethonium chlorid VUAB is white to almost white powder.


Suxamethonium chlorid VUAB belongs to drugs known as muscle relaxants (relax muscle tension).

ATC code: N01AF03


Pure glass injection vial with rubber stopper and aluminium seal.

One vial with a label and package leafl et in a paper box.

Content of a pack:  1 x 100 mg