Dacarbazin API

Dacarbazin is an antineoplastic agent used in cancer chemotherapy like:

  • malignant meloma
  • Hodgkin lymphoma
  • sarcoma
  • carcinoma of the pancreas

Standard production

Quality: according to Ph.Eur. 7 – supplement 7.3

Regulatory information/Certification

GMP, EDQM Certifi cate of Suitability R0 -CEP 2012-330-Rev 00

Packaging and Shipping

Packaging Max. weight
of the product
in package
Primary Packaging Secondary Packaging
Up to 5 kg 2,3–2,4 kg PET/Al/PE
sealed sachet 50 g
PE Dose 10,4 lt, height 239 mm,
Ø 274 mm, weight 0,85 kg, UN
5–10 kg 10 kg PET/AL/PE
sealed bag
PE Barrel, 30 lt, height 511 mm,
Ø 315 mm, weight 1,35 kg, UN
10–20 kg 20 kg PET/AL/PE
sealed bag
PE Barrel, 60 lt, height 628 mm,
Ø 400 mm, weight 2,50 kg, UN


Three years

Storage conditions

Store below 25°C, in tight, light persistent container (absence of light is necessary)