Nystatin for veterinary use

  • Nystatin crude is mycelium of the production strain of Streptomyces noursei containing active nystatin. It is yellow-brown amorphous powder.
  • The substance is used as an intermediate for the extraction of nystatin and as a feed-additive for veterinary use.
  • Nystatin is used for prevention and treatment of diseases and disorders caused by Candida spp.overgrown in the GI tract. Nystatin stops horizontal and vertical transmission of Candida.
  • Is an affective antifungal feed additive for the treatment or prevention of crop mycosis and mycotic diarrhoea in poultry.
  • Prevent Candidiasis and white discharge.
  • Is a growing promoter, food preservation, nutrition component mainly in poultry and pig industries.

Packaging and Shipping

Double polyethylene bags in fi ber drums. Weight per bag: 30 kg.


2 years in the original packaging

Storage conditions

Store below 25 C